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​Is it possible to have more of a connection to one baby over the other?

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Bonding with one baby over another is possible and may happen for a couple of different reasons. If one twin must stay longer in the hospital than the other, you will have more time to focus on the at-home twin which may result in a stronger attachment for that baby for a period of time. Once the other twin gets home you will be spending equal time with each twin to feed, bathe, change, etc. and will quickly start to bond with both babies equally. Another reason that you may bond with one twin over the other, is if one baby is more sickly than the other - in this case you may find that you are dedicating more time to that baby. The most important thing is to identify with your feelings and talk to others about them, you will find that other moms have the same feelings as you do! Just the act of caring for your twins daily will create a strong bond with each of them equally.


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