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If I decide to breastfeed my twins, will my nipples be sore?

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Nipple soreness is not attributed to the actual act of breastfeeding your twins and breastfeeding multiples does not make you any more susceptible to sore nipples than breastfeeding only one child. Nipple soreness is most typically caused by either the incorrect positioning of the baby or improper latching. If your nipples do get sore, you can treat them with purified lanolin which will help keep your nipples soft and moisturized. If lanolin does not help your soreness may be from another cause such as a nipple blister or a thrush infection. If your soreness does not clear up within a couple of days it is a good idea to contact your lactation consultant. They will pinpoint the cause of your discomfort and provide solutions to resolve the issue so that you can continue to nurse your twins pain free.


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